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left to right: Nelson, Jap and Erma
David Martinez - 79 yrs. old
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Left to right: Jap, Dorthea, Nelson
Tracy and Pauline
Irma and granddaughter Haley
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Barbara Grauman
Clarence Wright - Honored Veteran
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Hope 4 Natives 9thAnnual Native America Elders Christmas Party


California Natives Our Story is a documentary produced by Hope4Natives. This DVD documents the rich past, transformative present and hopeful future of the California Native Americans.


 From the lush northwest coastal forest to the sunburned hills of San Diego, a hopeful tale of survival unfolds the spectacular natural backdrop of The Golden State. A story told in the voices of Native Americans. 

Hope 4 Natives is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and registered with the California Registry of Charitable Trusts (#CT0201687) and was organized with the primary goal of establishing an active online cultural library to share Native American stories, photos and videos of tribal events and interviews with other Native Americans sharing and preserving the traditions of our people and the stories of their lives.​ 

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